Vibratory Sorting Table

As well as in the vineyard, the sorting process should be also done on the arrival at the Winery.

The Vibratory Sorting Tables are mainly used to select the grapes manually, with operators located on the sides to perform accurate sorting process.

The Puleo Vibratory Sorting Table appears to be an essential accessory in the stages preceding the destemming and crushing.

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VIBRA S35 0,95 kW 3500 mm 750 mm 100 mm
VIBRA S40 0,95 kW 4000 mm 750 mm 100 mm
0,95 kW
3500 mm
750 mm
100 mm
0,95 kW
4000 mm
750 mm
100 mm

The data reported in the tables are indicative purposes only and may vary depending on the degree of ripeness, the type of grape and the
power mode. The content and the images shown are subject to change without notice.

Nome del modello
Potenza del motore
Produzione oraria
Larghezza (mm)
Altezza (mm)
Lunghezza (mm)
Dimensione porta (mm)
Potenza installata - giri
Capacità Tank (L)
Capacità vaschetta mosto (L)
Superficie refrigerante
Adatto per diraspatrici da:
Uva intera (kg)
Uva diraspata (kg)
Vinacce fermentate (kg)
Attacco mandata (mm)
Da abbinare a
Altezza scarico regolabile (mm)
Pressione (bar)
Main features
  • The VIBRA table, by means of small vibrations, permits the product to advance and simultaneously select and manually removing undesired elements, leaves, unripe/grapes or ruined grape clusters.
  • Progress speed adjustment is guaranteed by Inverter located in the control panel.
  • At the beginning of the upper table and even on the final part, but on demand, it is equipped of draning holed areas for exceeded must recovering and of collection trays with removable sorting grids.
  • Equipped with displacement wheels and with selfcleaning side channels.
  • The table is extremely quite and easy to clean.