Destemmer Crusher


The new ALPHA Destemmer takes the advantage of the oscillation of two PEHD elements that are suitably perforated to separate the berries from the stems. This ensures efficient and gentle destemming, minimizing damages to the grapes. After destemming, the berries are processed by the roller sorting table below.

By means of high-speed rotation of the two roller sections, the sorter allows the berries to be separated from all unwanted parts, such as stems, leaves, and pieces of stems.


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    ALPHA 3,3 kW 1/15 tons (*Caratteristiche stimate e soggette a variazioni in fase progettuale) 1585 mm 2560 mm 2905 mm
    3,3 kW
    1/15 tons (*Caratteristiche stimate e soggette a variazioni in fase progettuale)
    1585 mm
    2560 mm
    2905 mm

    The data reported in the tables are indicative purposes only and may vary depending on the degree of ripeness, the type of grape and the
    power mode. The content and the images shown are subject to change without notice.

    Nome del modello
    Potenza del motore
    Produzione oraria
    Larghezza (mm)
    Altezza (mm)
    Lunghezza (mm)
    Dimensione porta (mm)
    Potenza installata - giri
    Capacità Tank (L)
    Capacità vaschetta mosto (L)
    Superficie refrigerante
    Adatto per diraspatrici da:
    Uva intera (kg)
    Uva diraspata (kg)
    Vinacce fermentate (kg)
    Attacco mandata (mm)
    Da abbinare a
    Altezza scarico regolabile (mm)
    Pressione (bar)
    Main features
    • Made of A304 stainless steel, equipped with N.4 wheels for easy movement in the winery.
    • Interchangeability of the PEHD polyethylene perforated elements, to process different types of grapes.
    • Management of shaking speed and sorting rollers by means of Inverters.
    • ROLL SELECTO sorting table, offers the possibility of adjusting rollers space according to specif grapres.
    Innovative details

    Holed plate
    Wide range of holed plate in Polyethylene. available in various holes diameters.

    Adjustment System
    Roll Selecto allow any adjustment with no need to stop processing line. In order to optimize the configuration of the machine according to the treated vine, you can adjust:
    1. The distance among roller axes
    2. their rotation speed.

    Fast disassembly for easy cleaning
    The APLHA destemmer allows the sorting table to slide for easy and complete cleaning of the parts. Roll Selecto allows the removal of the side casings, simply by releasing two lever closures.

    Control panel
    Equipped with two Inverters for speed adjustment of destemming system and sorting rollers.