Puleo S.p.A. designs, produces and develops, internally, high-tech systems and equipment for the wine-making process to ensure the best in terms of technological innovation and reliability to all customers.

The History

The company was founded by an intuition of Nicolo’ Puleo who since 1968 has focused on investments towards research and innovation.

In the following years, thanks to the entrepreneurial strength of the following generation, the company has reinforced its presence in the international wine production field.

Today Puleo can boast about its advanced manufacturing facilities, a highly skilled workforce and important instrumental and technical resources which constantly increases enviable know-how.

It also has an extensive network of Agents and Distributors, located in the main wine regions that respond quickly to the needs of its customers. Puleo supplies its products to more than 20 countries, reaching every day new production records which are proof of its technological leadership in the field.

Watch the video with historic photos of the company since 1968.



The Manufacturing

Why choose Manufactured Puleo products?

  • For the total control of the production process from design and processing of raw materials to the performance of the finished product.
  • For the constant quality control of machines and components.
  • For the flexibility to create concrete customized solutions, designed according to specific customer needs.
  • For the availability of spare parts that provides customers a service and traceability of individual components for more than 30 years.