Pneumatic Stalks Aspirator

Among the technologies used for transferring of stalks it is mentioned the Pneumatic Aspirator.

It is particularly suitable for movements of considerable distance (50-100 m).

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    T 200 5,5 kW 2800
    T 200 7,5 kW 2800
    T 250 11 kW 2800
    T 250 15 kW 2800
    T 200
    5,5 kW
    T 200
    7,5 kW
    T 250
    11 kW
    T 250
    15 kW

    The data reported in the tables are indicative purposes only and may vary depending on the degree of ripeness, the type of grape and the
    power mode. The content and the images shown are subject to change without notice.

    Nome del modello
    Potenza del motore
    Produzione oraria
    Larghezza (mm)
    Altezza (mm)
    Lunghezza (mm)
    Dimensione porta (mm)
    Potenza installata - giri
    Capacità Tank (L)
    Capacità vaschetta mosto (L)
    Superficie refrigerante
    Adatto per diraspatrici da:
    Uva intera (kg)
    Uva diraspata (kg)
    Vinacce fermentate (kg)
    Attacco mandata (mm)
    Da abbinare a
    Altezza scarico regolabile (mm)
    Pressione (bar)
    Main features
    • It consists of a painted sheet metal turbine placed on the base made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

    • The inner rotor, suitable for the passage of stringy products such as grape-stalks, is manufactured with electro-welded stainless steel.

    • It can be equipped with hopper and cyclone conveyor to transfer stalks to the Shatter.