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Constructed entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The machine essentially consists of a chamber inside which a cage with flared holes rotates, with a horizontal axis and at a variable speed. The latter is available in different bores according to the type of grapes to be processed.

Inside the cage, a beater shaft, composed of a series of food-grade rubber spatulas adjustable in inclination and with differentiated pitch, rotates in the same direction as the cage at a speed 9/10 times greater, but still variable.  This makes it possible to achieve perfect separation of the berry from the stalk and expulsion of the latter in a gentle manner.

It is equipped with a display for viewing from the panel, the current speed of the shaft.

Speed variation is by means of an electronic frequency converter Inverter, to the many advantages is also added the constant torque even at low speed.

The machine is equipped with a system for varying the eccentricity between the drilled drum and beater; acting on this mechanism adjusts the distance between the end of the rubber paddles and the inner surface of the drum. Particularly effective in processing mechanically harvested grapes, as it ensures more effective removal of foliage from the drum.

The Drive Unit located at the front of the machine, made movable by means of gas pistons, allows the shaft and cage to be removed and interchanged very easily and in only a few minutes.

Draining hopper with motorized screw, particularly suitable for grapes harvested by machine or with the presence of large amounts of must.

Supplied on feet.


Hourly production (Ton/h) 25-30

Shaft power (kW) 4

Cage power (kW) 0.75

Hopper auger power (kW) 1.1

Structure On legs

Dimensions (mm) 3143x890x1726

Empty weight (kg) 930

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