Rollers selector

“Roll Selecto” is the sorting table for destemmed grapes manufactured by Puleo S.p.A.

Thanks to the high speed rotation of its specifically shaped rollers, it separates the berries from all the unwanted parts such as stems, leaves, stalk bits, petioles, pips…

“Roll selecto” is fitted with an AISI304 stainless steel frame, whose height is adjustable, and four spinning wheels with brakes for easy motion.

Also provided with control panel, complete with inverter for the adjustment of roller rotation speed.

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Roll Selecto 0,75 kW 1-15 ton/h
Roll Selecto
0,75 kW
1-15 ton/h

The data reported in the tables are indicative purposes only and may vary depending on the degree of ripeness, the type of grape and the
power mode. The content and the images shown are subject to change without notice.

Nome del modello
Potenza del motore
Produzione oraria
Larghezza (mm)
Altezza (mm)
Lunghezza (mm)
Dimensione porta (mm)
Potenza installata - giri
Capacità Tank (L)
Capacità vaschetta mosto (L)
Superficie refrigerante
Adatto per diraspatrici da:
Uva intera (kg)
Uva diraspata (kg)
Vinacce fermentate (kg)
Attacco mandata (mm)
Da abbinare a
Altezza scarico regolabile (mm)
Pressione (bar)
Main features
  • The vibrating loading chute that allows to convey the product coming out of the destemmer onto the sorting countertop, ensuring the speed is compatible with that of advancement of the sorting rollers.
  • The sorting countertop, formed by a set of rollers that enable to discard smaller berries, pips and small size waste, and by a second set of rotating rollers, specifically shaped to let intact berries pass beneath while discarding stalk bits and leaves.
    This second set has an adjustable inter-axle space so as to optimize the machine configuration according to the processed grape variety.
  • Cleaning of the countertop is made easier by tilting side chutes.
  • Beneath the first stretch of rollers, a must collection tray with slotted grid is provided to separate vegetal waste from free-run must. Beneath the second stretch there is a conveyor hopper to direct the selected berries towards the next processing machines (presses, pumps, belts, etc.).